Shipping and returns

Q1. Regarding the arrival date of the product

A. It depends on the delivery area and time of order, but delivery will be on the second day or later at the earliest from the date of order.

You can select the available delivery date and time when placing your order, so please select your desired date and time.

*If you place an order without specifying a date, your order will be delivered on the shortest date (2 days or later from the date of order).

Q2. Can I choose the delivery company?

A. Only Sagawa Express is available.

Q3. How much will the shipping and cash-on-delivery fees cost?

A. Shipping fee is 550 yen nationwide. (Free shipping for purchases over 22,000 yen (tax included))

Cash on delivery is available through Sagawa Express e-collect, and payment is due upon receipt of the product.

In that case, the cash on delivery fee will start from 330 yen.

(Customers who purchase over 22,000 yen (tax included) will receive free shipping, but payment fees will be charged separately.)

Q4. Can I change the delivery address?

A. It is possible to change the shipping address, but if there are bundled items, the bundled service may not be available, so if you wish to change the delivery address, please be sure to contact us.

Q5. Can you ship overseas?

A. We are very sorry, but our store does not ship overseas.

Q6. Can you deliver it by mail?

A. We apologize for the inconvenience, but due to product protection reasons, we only use Sagawa Express.

Q7. What will be the shipping charge if I bundle it with a free shipping product?

A. If the item is bundled with a free shipping product, shipping will be treated as free.

Q8. I have not received my product.

A. Please check the delivery status from the shipping email we sent you, or contact us.

Q9. Can I specify the delivery time?

A. You can specify the delivery time during the following times.

·in the morning





*Customers using a specified delivery date and time are requested to keep this in mind as delays in arrival time may occur due to weather or traffic conditions.

Q1. Are there any conditions if I want to return or exchange an item?
A. When exchange/return is possible
      1. If there is a clear defect such as dirt or damage that is not the responsibility of the customer.
      2. If a product different from the one you applied for is delivered
      3. Unused products within 7 days after delivery due to the above reasons

    *In that case, we would like to confirm our response to returns/exchanges, etc., so please contact us.

    ・If exchange/return is not possible
      1. If more than 8 days have passed since the product arrived
      2. For lingerie and earrings
      3. If a part of the product or accessories is lost due to the customer's responsibility.
      4. If the product is soiled or damaged due to the customer's responsibility
      5. If you are advised at the time of sale that exchanges or returns are not possible.
      6. If the product tag has been removed from the product
      7. If you have used the product even once
      8. If the item has been altered (hemmed, etc.) or washed
      9. If the image is different, etc. due to the customer's convenience
      10. Exchange for a different product
      11. Others If we determine that we cannot accept exchanges or returns.
      12. Depending on the environment in which you view the page (display settings, etc.), the color may look slightly different from the actual product. Thank you for your understanding.

      Q2. There is a problem with the product, can I exchange or return it?


      When we receive the product, we will first check that there are no mistakes, and if the product is unused or unworn within 7 days of receiving the product, we will refund or exchange it. In that case, we would like to confirm our response to returns/exchanges, etc., so please contact us.

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