Shipping policy

about shipping cost


Shipping fee: 550 yen nationwide (per delivery destination)
*Prices are for products that do not include shipping, and for which shipping charges are not set individually for each product.

Regarding purchasing multiple products at the same time

If you order multiple items in one order, the shipping fee will be the same as the shipping fee for one item.
If you are ordering a product that does not include shipping and a product that includes shipping, please also refer to the handling of products that include shipping.
Shipping charges are calculated per destination.
*Prices are for products that do not include shipping, and for which shipping charges are not set individually for each product.

If you purchase items that include shipping at the same time

If you order a product that includes shipping and a product that does not include shipping in one order,
Shipping costs will be calculated according to the price list above and the shipping calculation method when multiple items are ordered at the same time.
Shipping charges are calculated per destination.

Regarding shipping charges when purchasing multiple individual items

If you purchase multiple individual shipping items in one order, all shipping charges set for each item will be added.

Large purchase discount benefits

Free shipping is available for purchases of 22,000 yen (tax included) or more per destination.
Shipping Fees for individual items are eligible for large purchase discount benefits.

About payment methods

credit card

Acceptable credit cards

Amazon Payments

You can shop using the shipping address information (address book) and credit card information registered on
Simply click the "Pay with Amazon Account" button, log in using the email address and password registered with, and select your shipping address and credit card information to make your purchase.

Rakuten pay

Rakuten Pay is a service that allows registered Rakuten members to make online payments easily, securely, and economically on sites other than the Rakuten Group. With Rakuten Pay, you can smoothly make payments using the credit card information you normally use, and you can also use and accumulate Rakuten Points.
Click the "Pay with Rakuten ID" button on the order confirmation screen and complete the payment procedure on the Rakuten website. To use Rakuten Pay, you need to register a credit card in your Rakuten member information.
If you would like to use Rakuten Pay, please select Pay on this site from the cart screen and select Rakuten Pay as your payment method.

cash on delivery

When the product is delivered, please pay the shipping company in exchange for the product.

At WALANCE online shop, we have introduced Sagawa Express's cash on delivery service ``e-Collect'', which allows you to pay by credit card or debit card in addition to cash payments.
You can choose to pay by cash, credit card, or debit card when you pay the delivery company.
Please check the link below for details.
e-Collect Safe and convenient cash on delivery service
*Cash on delivery fee will be charged for each shipment to one destination.
*Cash on delivery cannot be used if the total payment amount exceeds 300,000 yen.
*Cash on delivery cannot be used if the delivery is to someone other than the recipient.
*Cash on delivery is not available in some areas.
*If paying by credit card, payment may not be possible depending on the radio wave condition of Sagawa Express' payment terminal. Please note that in that case, you will be required to pay in cash.

Purchase amount (tax included) commission
1 yen ~ 9,999 yen 330 yen
10,000 yen ~ 29,999 yen 440 yen
30,000 yen ~ 99,999 yen 660 yen
If the amount is 100,000 yen or more 1,100 yen

About consumption tax

Standard tax rate: 10%
Reduced tax rate: 8%
*Amounts less than 1 yen will be rounded off.

About delivery service
Sagawa Express
We will deliver to all over Japan by Sagawa Express.
Shipping fee: 550 yen nationwide
Free shipping for purchases over 20,000 yen (excluding tax)!!
*We do not ship overseas. please note that.

About points

Unless otherwise specified by the product, the basic grant rate is 1% of the product price (excluding tax).
Points will be awarded when the product purchase amount (excluding tax) is 100 yen or more.
Regarding the use of points, you can use them at the rate of 1 point = 1 yen when purchasing products.
Points are valid for one year, but if you earn points at least once in a year, they will never expire.